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How brands survive by becoming useful

During an inspiring interactive session with Tribal DDB Amsterdam, you can actively participate in a discussion about the evolution of branding and the future role of agencies.

With the endless possibilities of web 2.0 as a driver for the fast evolving branding landscape, it’s time to rethink communication strategies. In a world that’s all about creation, connectivity and sharing, brands have to reinvent what it takes to get consumers involved. Join the discussion that will take place around three hot topics: brand evolution, consumer empowerment and the future role of agencies. A panel of marketing and advertising professionals will share their opinion and provide meaningful insights.

We hope to welcome you on the 28th of September! Keep an eye on the Tribal DDB Amsterdam weblog for up to date information. Check out:

Tribal DDB Amsterdam is part of the Tribal DDB Worldwide interactive communications network, that consists of 38 offices in 24 countries (America, Asia, Europe).

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