Transforming Media

Transforming Media

The world of media is changing, we all know this. What are the real changes occurring and where are the forces for this change coming from?

Come out to hear the truth about this revolutionary new world of media, not from the suits of the old guard, but from the new media artists paving the way outside of the mainstream. Learn how the democratization of film/animation production changes everything.


10:00 Welcome and short introduction

10:15 Keynote address:
M Dot Strange, creator of We Are The Strange:
Keynote: Rebel without a Cast and Crew:
Learn how the democratization of film/animation production allows an individual to work outside of the mainstream creating innovative new films and finding an audience online and making a living from it....

Short break

11:15 1st panel discussion - Digital Video - The New Creative Process

Digital media means more that recording in 1's and 0's. It opens new possibilities in production and creation. Non-traditional collaboration, new methods of expression. We explore the changes in production and the creative process in the digital world. Lower production costs as well as collaborative tools being used to create new dynamics and new possibilities in video.

Ton Roosendaal - Blender Foundation
Mark O' Cúlar - It Is On
M dot Strange - We Are The Strange
Gabriel McIntyre -

12:30: Lunch break (lunch provided, Woohoo free food!)

13:30 2nd panel discussion - Distributing Video in a Networked World

In a world of viral videos, peer-to-peer, and social networking sites, what is the best way to distribute your video? Shifting consumer attitudes create challenges and opportunities in the realm of video distribution and marketing. What is going on now, and what do we have to look forward to?

Jamie King - Steal This Film
Henrik Moltke - Good Copy / Bad Copy
Wendy Bernfeld - Rights Stuff
Steven Lee - Star Wreck Studios

15:00 Keynote & Closing remarks:
Jordan Greenhall, CEO Stage6
Keynote: This shit will blow your mind

16:00 Screening: We Are The Strange
View Trailer here:

18:30 Q&A with film maker M Dot Strange

Contact info
Ben Cote

Matthias Ankli

Stage6 is a place where content creators can build an audience of enthusiasts and make a name for themselves with that audience. On Stage6, filmmakers can do more with their videos – host and deliver up to HD, full-length videos with advanced features such as subtitles and multiple audio tracks; a far cry from grainy, pixellated clips of dogs on skateboards.