Patrick Strating, Andrew Bullen

Future of Dutch Creative Industry

Formulating a joint ambition and agenda for the Dutch creative industry

A new program initiative for the Dutch Creative Industries, with Emile Aarts (Philips), Hermen van der Lugt (TI), Marleen Stikker (Waag), Geleyn Meijer (Logica)

In Western societies the lifestyle of people will be increasingly creative and personalised, with emphasis on personal expression, changing the basic value system of society. Technologies such as internet, nomadic computing , virtual reality , ambient intelligence and multimodal interaction have dramatically changed the expression capabilities of persons and groups. How can we profit from these developments, and develop new ways of working, creating and living?

Currently, companies and institutions in the creative sector are developing a large innovation program for the creative sector, including Philips, Ericsson, Wegener, Logica, Waag Society, NPO, Beeld&Geluid, AVRO, IBM and knowledge institutions such as UVA and UU. Core idea is that it is possible to stimulate the creative industries in the Netherlands and to achieve new results by linking innovations from various creative and industrial segments such as media/content, design and product development and gaming. The ambition is to strengthen the Netherlands to become a hub in international creative industries.

In this session, new partners are invited to express their interests and ambitions for innovative projects in the matchmaking session.


14:00-15:00 Outline of the new programmatic intitiative
Emile Aarts (Philips) and Hermen van der Lugt (Telematica Instituut)
14:55-15:15 Project and case - The Content Hub
George Freriks ([
15:30-16:00 Matchmaking - Finding partners and projects
Matchmaking event to support the formation of new partnerships that support the program's themes and ambitions