Andrew Bullen

Andrew Bullen is an independent consultant for media and strategy, advising companies, government agencies and universities across Europe. He also chairs the International work group of IIP CREATE, the innovation Platform of the Dutch IT/Media Creative Industries. Previously, Andrew was the director of the Media Guild, a cross-disciplinary incubator and centre for innovation for the Creative Media industries, situated in the renovated East Docklands area in the centre of Amsterdam.

Within PICNIC Andrew is organizing the European IT/Media Creative Indsutries@PICNIC.

In his earlier career, Andrew combined different disciplines of the media industry, arts and education. He worked as a director at Europe Online in Luxemburg and T-Online in Darmstadt. In addition, Andrew was an independent media consultant for large business corporations in Southern France and for various EU digital media and educational programmes.

Andrew taught literature and media at universities in Great Britain, East and West Berlin and the Netherlands.

Andrew recently delivered the Keynote Lecture "Beyond the Singular into the Collaborative" at the Dutch Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. He is the author of many publications in the field of journalism, media and fiction. Recent publications include "Media Labs and Open Societies" in the Volume Magazine "Engineering Society" edition, “Redefining the Guild” in Uncommon Ground: Creative Encounters across Sectors & Disciplines published by BIS Publishers and "Innovation and external financing for Cultural/Creative SMEs" in "Read this first, growth and development of Cutural SMEs" in 2007. Other publications include ‘The media fantasy and doom scenario 2015: brave new artist…or Z.., a future tragedy, part 1?’ published on the occasion of the conference of the European Artists’ Associations in September 2004.


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