Frank Kresin

Ecomap Lab: MAKE!

Labs PICNIC '09

25 Sep 2009

Waag Society, FING, FutureEverything and Amsterdam Innovation Motor will host a one-day EcoMap Lab at PICNIC. We will build a shared understanding on how to map the environment (eg. energy, waste & mobility), aggregate the data and visualize it to promote behavioral change and reduce CO2 footprints. We will use alternative measurement networks and services that enable people to take active part. Based on international examples we will develop prototypes for getting, aggregating & visualizing environmental data in effective, useable and unexpected ways.

Be a part of the EcoMap Lab at PICNIC '09 to get involved in re-shaping how environmental data is gathered, interpreted and presented.

The Ecomap Lab: MAKE! sessions is by invitation only.

Featured Case Studies


  • Applications for EcoMapping
  • Privacy, Data Ownership & Revocability of Data
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Mobile Data Collection and Vizualisation
  • Mass Participation and Engagement
  • Institutional Support and Governance

This session is followed by Ecomap Lab: PITCH where lab participants share their developments with the audience as a part of PICNIC Bites in the Conference Hall (Transformatorhuis) from 17:00 to 17:30.

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If you are interested in joining the lab, send an e-mail to frank [at]

PICNIC labs are part of the wildly buzzing PICNIC Festival. They bring together international thinkers and makers in an intense co-creation process, advancing the field by combining very diverse expertise & experiences in a playful setting. There will be Labs on sustainability, augmented cities, alternative money systems and more. Labs kick-off with a plenary panel (THINK), then go off into an invitation-only intense hands-on making session (MAKE) and present their results at the main conference hall (PITCH).