9 Eyes of Google Street View

By Artist Jon rafman

14 May 2011

Sid Lee Collective invites artist Jon Rafman to collaborate on a new exhibition exploring the intriguing incursion into reality as seen through the eyes of Google Street View. Jon Rafman will be here from 16:00 to give a special presentation.


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In 2007, Google initiated the Google Maps project by sending out an army of hybrid electric cars supplied with the latest image capturing devices; the 9 eyes. This camera, mounted to a pole on the top of the car, creates a picture every 10 to 20 meters. A computer software then stitches the 9 photos together and creates 360º horizontal and 290º vertical panoramic views.

Rafman's role in his 9 Eyes project is as much an artist, as being a curator. Not only browsing through millions of images created by a generic and automated process, but establishing cultural and historical context to this process. Curating the images into an endless amount of categories: gritty urban life reminiscent of hard-boiled American street photography, postcard perfect shots, old family snapshots, landscape photography and so on.

Rafman belongs to a new breed of artists that fully embraces the endless possibilities of the internet. A breed so new that they have not yet been defined by a single term: Rafman refers to his work as the work of an 'internet aware artist'. Breaking the boundaries of traditional art, and its presentation, these artists are constantly experimenting. The 9 Eyes project touches the concepts and philosophy of past Dadaist artists, anarchist in nature. However, instead of exposing and ridiculing contemporary culture, Jon Rafman uses it as vehicle to express his vision.

Jon Rafman will be here on the 14th May to give a special presentation.
Work for sale on enquiry.

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 7th & 14th May 12:00 - 17:00

Gerard Doustraat 72-80, 1072 VV Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jon Rafman explains more in this video from Sid Lee Collective: