Caspar Menkman


Dev Camp Day 2

Staring contests are as old as the road to Rome. I heard from reliable sources that before the invention of the ball kids used to stare at each other a lot out of boredom. This project is an updated version of this timeless classic.


Selfmade Aureola - First tests of the "staring contest". Robert Keil

With: Axel Roest

The object of the game is to (out)look your opponent. The first one who blinks loses. The guys invented a imaginative installation build up out of two hoops, a lot of lights and two cameras. The distance between the contestants will be around 60 to 100 cm and will make the experience a whole lot more intimate.

The cameras in the installation are coupled with software that detects the blinking movement of the eye. When someone blinks the cameras will record the movements the loser makes for two seconds and store this on a server. The video files will then be shown on a screen that is placed adjacent to the installation, leaving the loser in timeless humiliation with his sadface returning every couple of minutes.

The plan is to also link this to the website so results and videos can be retrieved by participants.