Caspar Menkman

Paradiso: Interactive VJ

Dev Camp Day 2

This was the idea that was discussed the most during the first round of project proposals. And in the mean time it really has taken shape. The concept is almost done and the guys (and of course girl) are nearly ready to start building.


light -

Crowd sourcing visuals at Paradiso. The idea is to create a system that gives the guests of an event the power to manipulate the visuals. Glowsticks armed with a infrared led will be distributed between the guests of a show in Paradiso. The movements of these sticks will be registered by an infrared camera that is mounted on the ceiling and oversees the entire room.

This in turn will be processed by a computer that will map the traveling lights and transfer the data to a beamer that will project the moving lights on a screen. With everyone moving the glowstick at different speeds, at different times, in different directions and at different places this should result in a dynamic representation of the atmosphere present in the room.