Sustainable fish and plant farm for the living room

This small aquaponics-installation looks good and is eco-friendly. Plants and fish are cultivated together and help each other survive. The Miniponics consists of not much more than a PET-bottle, bamboo and some rope, and provides households or classrooms with fresh, sustainable food. It's a good-looking addition to your living room, balcony or cafe. Furthermore, it can serve as an interactive learning tool with which to teach kids about how their food is produced. During workshops we teach you how the ecosystem operates and how to build a Miniponics.


Lettuce in the Miniponics system - The fish feed the plants and the plants clean the water the fish swim in Erik Diekstra

Mediamatic Aquaponics

Mediamatic develops aquaponics installations on a Dutch scale. Aquaponics is a vertical ecosystem in which plants and fish are cultivated together and help each other survive. The best way for sustainable food production in the city. In contrast to traditional agriculture, hardly any water is wasted and you don't need a lot of space. Aquaponics is implemented on a large scale in countries with a warmer climate. We are interested in how this system can be implemented in and around the house; in a country like the Netherlands, where temperatures tend to be lower rather than higher, and where we are a bit cramped for space. Following the design of two systems suited for more spacious work- and living spaces, we designed the Miniponics in March 2013. The Miniponics easily fits into the living room or classroom, and even on the more slender Amsterdam balconies.

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Do you want to participate in a workshop? View our upcoming events here. If you have questions about the workshops, please e-mail Deborah Meibergen; general questions about Mediamatic's aquaponics program can be addressed to Els Engel. PR, partner and press requests can be sent to Evelyn Austin; images you find on our website you are free to use, as long as you refer back to the source ( and name the photographer.