Cynical "Magical Turkey"Posters

Posters that will make you think twice and publicize Gezi Initiative at Mediamatic.

Images from the Gezi park resistance will be used to create wry posters that will make people think twice and work as a publicity for Gezi initiative at Mediamatic.
We see many billboards with lovely advertisements for holidays in “Magical Istanbul”. By using some of the striking images we can create similar advertisements but with a twist. It shouldn’t be anything violent or explicit but something like: An elegant couple standing in front of a lovely Bosphorus view, sipping their Tear-gas can cocktails. Or with the title: Land of Rumi: Come whoever you are…and the image of the whirling dervish with the gas mask. With these images we can put a small note asking: What is happening in Turkey? and a link that will take the people to the Park page of Mediamatic therefore acting as advertisements for us. These smart posters will attract attention of the public and will appeal to the humor of the Dutch people who like a sarcastic-light approach.

Color printer
Color ink
A2 size for posters to be distributed in the cities (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht for now) X 250*
A0 size to be hanged in Mediamatic X 5
A6, postcard size or cut from A4, 200* pieces in total (if possible, if costly the budget can be used for more posters)
Wheatpaste for glueing.

  • Numbers are subject to change, please let me know if you have a better estimate!

September 2013: Ideas for the images will be finalized, 5 different designs are aimed for.
October 2013: In collaboration with graphic designers required imagery will be collected and created.
November: Finalizing, printing and distribution.

Collaborators as of now: Hidde Bouman, Ekim Tan, Nur Ozgenalp, Yagiz Kargin, Irini Pigaditi, Burcu


yummy! - come to Bosphorus to taste this yummy tear-gas cocktail!