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From the TD Architects website:


  • Architecture study, Technical University Graz (Austria) 1995-2001
  • Architecture study, Technical University Delft (Netherlands) 1998-1999
  • Graduated at the Technical University Graz (Austria) July 2001


  • ‘West 8 landscape architects & urban planners’, Rotterdam (Netherlands) July-December 1999
  • MVRDV Architects, Research Department, Rotterdam (Netherlands) January-July 2002
  • OMA/AMO, Office for Metropolitan Architecture – Research Department, Rotterdam (Netherlands) July 2002-September 2004
  • de Architeketen Cie., Amsterdam (Netherlands) October 2004 – March 2005
  • since March 2005 independent with his own office TD in Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • founding the office STAR together with Beatriz Ramo in Rotterdam (NL), January-December 2006
  • renaming TD to TD architects, January 2007


  • Lecture ‘Wien . Bratislava’ at the Austrian embassy in Bratislava (Slovakia) September 2001
  • Lecture ‘Wien . Bratislava’ at the Vienna planning department (Austria) December 2001
  • Workshop ‘Amsterdam-Noord’ at the ‘Academie van Bouwkunst – Amsterdam’ (NL) Oct. 2002
  • Lecture ‘Wien . Bratislava’ at the ‘Academie van Bouwkunst – Rotterdam’ (Netherlands) Nov. 2002
  • Workshop ‘Amsterdam-Zuidas’ at the ‘Academie van Bouwkunst – Amsterdam’ (NL) January 2003
  • Workshop ‘A-DAMAD-A’ at the ‘Academie van Bouwkunst – Amsterdam’ (Netherlands) August 2003
  • Workshop ‘Mapping’ at the ‘Academie van Bouwkunst – Amsterdam’ (Netherlands) August 2004
  • Lecture ‘Croatian Identity’ at the 1st Architectural Congress of Croatia – Zadar (Croatia) Oct. 2004
  • Teaching at the Berlage Institute – postgraduate laboratory of architecture, ‘The Architecture of Hospitals’, Rotterdam (Netherlands) spring 2005
  • Workshop ‘Sobre ciudad y sostenibilidad’ in Cadiz (Spain) July 2005
  • Lecture about TD at the PDA congress in Graz (Austria) October 2005
  • Lecture ‘Adi, Audi, Aldi’ at the Steirischer Herbst in Graz (Austria) October 2005
  • Lecture ‘Adi, Audi, Aldi’ at the Documenta Urbana in Kassel (Germany) November 2005
  • Lecture at the TU-Vienna (Austria) May 2006
  • Lecture at the TU-Innsbruck (Austria) April 2006
  • Lecture ‘Reality is Exciting’ at the symposium “changing strategies” in Vienna (Austria) October 2006
  • Lecture about TD in Bangalore (India) December 2006
  • Lecture about TD in Chennai (India) December 2006
  • Workshop ‘Meet your Neighbours’ at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Tilburg (NL) January 2007
  • Teaching at the Academie van Bouwkunst in Groningen (Netherlands) – “The Clinic”, spring 2007


  • Founding of the arch/art group ARGE, March 1996
  • ‘Public Livingroom’, concept and realisation, ARGE, Flachau (Austria) December 1996
  • ‘Living in the City’, competition, London (GB) in assignment of WEST 8, December 1999
  • ‘Plaza Livingroom’, concept and realisation, ARGE, Radstadt (Austria) July 2000
  • ‘ACBD – the African City Workshop’, Durban (South Africa) April 2000
  • ‘Crime City - Hiatabua’, exhibition, Graz (Austria) December 2000
  • ‘wien . bratislava’, exhibition of final thesis, Graz (Austria) July 2001
  • ‘Alpine Architectur Lab - A.A.L.’; initiation, organisation and management ARGE, Radstadt (Austria) November 2001
  • Spar-Supermarket, design and realisation, Flachau (Austria) December 2001
  • ‘Der Standard’, series of maps for this Austrian Newspaper, Vienna (Austria) 2005
  • ‘Vrij Nederland’, series of maps for this Dutch magazine, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2005
  • PARK, design of a parking garage for a transferium in Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2005 + 2006
  • ‘P52’, design of a pavilion for Philips semiconductors, Nijmegen (Nehterlands) 2005
  • ‘Musiktheater Linz’, competition-design for a new theatre in Linz, Austria (Netherlands) 2005
  • ‘Pasajes International’, proposal for publishing this arch. magazine international, Madrid (Spain) 2005
  • ‘The golden Calf’, bar design for the exhibition 3plex, Groningen (Netherlands) 2005
  • ‘Paradise City’, competition design for Europan 8, Logroño (Spain) 2005
  • ‘ENM2009’, competition design for the Estonia National Museum, Tartu (Estonia) 2005
  • ‘This is Spijkenisse’, study on the soul of this mid-sized Dutch town, Spijkenisse (Netherlands) 2006
  • ‘The image of Europe’, Austrian European presidency 2006 in collaboration with AMO, Vienna (Austria) 2006
  • ‘Zaragoza: A plan that cannot fail’, Study on the ‘perfect city’ of Zaragoza (Spain) 2006
  • ‘Dubai Business Bay’, proposals for district names and advertising for the masterplan Dubai Business Bay; Dubai (UAE) 2006
  • ‘The Germany City’, study on the German city for the Biennale in Venice (Italy); the proposal got rejected by the German organizers, 2006
  • ‘Eisenerz 2021’, competition for a future identity of Eisenerz (Austria) 2006
  • ‘RAG – Verhüllungen’, temporary façade proposal for the RAG headquarters in Essen (Germany) in collaboration with AMO/OMA, 2006
  • ‘Referentie Rotterdam’, investigation in the real estate market of Rotterdam (Netherlands) 2006
  • ‘The Bootle Log’, competition for a pedestrian / bicycle bridge in Liverpool, (GB) 2007
  • ‘Macht en Ruimte’, visual interpretation of the annual theme of Platform GRAS in Groningen, (Netherlands) 2007


  • ‘ACBD – the African City Workshop’, co-editor and co-producer, May 2000
  • ‘wien . bratislava’, book, editor and producer; supervised by Joost Meuwissen, June 2001
  • ‘Alpines Architektur Labor – 01 Bestandsaufnahme’, book, ARGE, July 2002 * ‘ - wien . bratislava’, had-graz, October 2002
  • ‘The Regionmaker - Rhine Ruhr City’, exhibition catalogus for the NRW-Forum, in assignment of MVRDV, November 2002
  • ‘Was ist Zeche Zollverein’, publication of the ®UR-Study, in assignment of OMA/AMO, August 2002
  • ‘WIRED 06/2003’, guest edition, in assignment of OMA/AMO, June 2003
  • ‘Content - OMA/AMO’, exhibition catalogue for the exhibition ‘Content - OMA/AMO’, January 2004
  • ‘Political (correct) mapping’, examples of mapping current global conditions, ARCHIS 2-2004
  • ‘European Central Park – Europe is a city, the Alps its Central Park’, Grazer Architecture Magazine – GAM 01- 2004
  • ‘Adi, Audi, Aldi’ – history of the German middleclass, MONU - Magazine on Urbanism, January 2005
  • ‘Locating the context’ – introduction for the book „Zuidas“, Amsterdam, 2005
  • ‘AdiAudiAldi – the lecture’, Documenta Urbana, Kassel, 2006
  • ‘The Triumph of Cheapness’, Uropean Urbanity’, SpringerWienNewYork, 2007

Since summer 2005 monthly publications of world-maps in 'Vrij Nederland’ (NL) and ‘Pasajes’ (E) and sporadically in newspapers and magazines as MONU (D), Der Standard (A) and De Morgen (B).

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