Pièce de Résistance Lab

Become a researcher!

The PdR Lab is a low-key, DIY lab in which you can become a researcher. You can contribute to the archive with your own objects and stories, or do research into objects we already have. Identify, analyze and experiment with UV-lights, take fingerprints and make professional photographs. Find out more on this page.


Baksteen Kroningsrellen 1980 - Deze klinker uit de Dam is gegooid tijdens de Koningsrellen op 30 april 1980. Onder de leus 'Geen woning, geen kroning!' protesteerden burgers tegen de woningnood. Hoewel Koninging Beatrix gewoon werd ingehuldigd, eindigde de dag in grote rellen. De steen komt uit de persoonlijke collectie van kraker Freddie. Foto door Willem Velthoven.


Each object has a tag with an RFID-chip containing information. You can find RFID-chips in all sorts of things, like your public transport card. Scan the chip to find out what information is available about an object. Where is it from, and who does it belong to? What is the story behind the object? Is there no information available? That's where you come in. Become a researcher yourself, and uncover the mysteries of the objects and stories of resistance.

You can also bring your own stories and objects. Photograph and film them, and commit them to the digital archive. All the equipment you need to do research is available in the PdR Lab. You can leave your object behind, but you can also take it back home with you.


Often it's more fun to tell stories than write them down. Snuggle into the interview booth with a friend or family member, and tell each other your most exciting, funny, daring or touching stories in front of the camera. Some of the videos will be included in the Amsterdams 4 & 5 mei Comité (Dutch Committee which aims to commemorate and celebrate our freedom each year) resistance database.


The information you collect and share contributes to the resistance archive, which will be shared on this website. Everything is publicly accessible.