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Hi, I am Steven Roebert. I am 22 years old, currently following the Master in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Amsterdam.

I am a Master student at the University of Amsterdam. Currently I am working on my Master Thesis for the Artificial Intelligence Master. To read more about my current project, you can take a look at the blog on my website:

I have already finished my Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence. As a Bachelor thesis I have worked on using an omnidirectional camera built upon a robot. An article for my thesis (, which I have submitted to the BNAIC (, has been published in their annual proceedings.

I am also very fond of programming. I started out at high school by programming in Java. Not long after, I entered the Dutch Olympiad in Informatics. I ended up in second place, winning a trip to the International Olympiad in Informatics (2005) in Poland. The Dutch Olympiad also has an annual contest called CodeCup (, which I won in 2005. In this contest you have to make an application which will compete in a game against applications from other contestants.

After Java I started to learn C# through tutorials on the Internet. I became quite fond of this language and programmed quite a few smaller applications in my spare time. I also ended up writing an article on one of my applications for the CodeProject website:

Since about a year ago I have starting to work with a Mac computer. As I am always interested in learning new things, I decided to take up Objective-C to program for the iPhone. For a Game Programming course in my Master, I have created a small game (based on Yahtzee) which I have just published in Apple's App Store:

Apart from making applications I also have a small job in building websites (php, MySQL, xhtml, xml). I started working on website building in 2007. Up till now I have set up 3 websites by myself (design and code):

And I currently also work at a small company called FastLions (, where I have come in contact with many different kinds of websites.

All in all, I think participating in the Prototype Dev Camp would be a great experience for me. I am always in for a challenge. I am quite a perfectionist, so I will not give up easily when dealing with a difficult problem. My interests are broad. I am especially fond of programming, but through my study, Artificial Intelligence, I have learned about so many other interesting fields. Mostly I like the field of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Furthermore, I like working in a team, especially together with people with different skills than I have, so I can learn more about the things I am less familiar with. I think I can be a great asset to the Hacker team, as I am familiar and competent with most of the skills that are useful for the Prototype Dev Camp and also eager to learn more.

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