Learning to Cycle in Noord

The roads are broad and easily accessible, but by car you can’t truly enjoy the subtle beauty of Noord. Bicycles are the means of transportation for an authentic exploration of Noord. In a half hour journey, already you’ll discover a wide variety of neighborhoods, parks, fields, dike-villages, breeding grounds for cultural activities, allotments, forests, industrial grounds and ports.


Bikemap Noord - Lara Balaa

Cycling in Noord can be done on all different levels. For the occasional cyclist there’s a fine and efficient framework of bike paths, neatly signposted. The speed demons on their racers or mountain bikes will find ideal training grounds in the fields west of Amsterdam’s ring road. The adventurous urban nomad will be seduced by Noord’s winding roads, bridges, dikes, passages and little dirt paths. Getting lost in this case is both inevitable and desirable.

The bicycle and Noord are linked together. They breathe the same rhythm – old-fashioned, yet up-to-date; a wondrous combination of dynamics and serenity.