Dan Paluska


Dan at Breaking the frame -

Dan Paluska is an artist and engineer who works in kinetic, robotic, and various other media. He has BS, MS and ABD from MIT in Mechanical Engineering. He worked in the Leg Laboratory (MIT AI Lab) on walking robots and in the Biomechatronics Group (MIT Media Lab) on leg prosthetics and orthotics. While at MIT he founded the Collision series of art and technology events which is still running today. He has collaborated with numerous artists and engineers on large scale robotic installations including a 10,000 pound, 55 ft tall abstract transformer for Citroen in Paris, and a 213 dof interactive robotic ensemble currently on display at the Ars Electronica center in Linz, Austria. He has been on the Discovery channel, the cover of Wired magazine, and been the recipient of the Prixars Award of Distinction for Interactive Art. He is inspired by lean manufacturing, evolution, the open source community, and market economics. Currently he is working on setting all of his information free