Martijn Engelbregt 5 Nov 2011



Find out which fungal type you are after following the pathways of questions designed especially for our exhibition by Martijn Engelbregt.


Invullen van het stroomschema - Photo made during the Nacht van de Paddestoel on Museum nacht. Anna Meijer

This specially designed questionnaire reveals which fungal type category our visitors fall into, after they go through a rigorous questioning. It was first designed for our use during Museumnacht 2011, where our visitors had to fill out the form before giving us their bacterial samples for the Bio-sample Wall. There are five different types of fungal categories that you can fall into. If you are not moldy enough, then you need to participate in a short training session that will certify you as a real fungal expert.

Come find out if are you a funga-phobe or a funga-phile?