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Carl Esposti -

CEO of massolution, a consultancy specializing in helping organizations design and implement crowdsourcing initiatives, and the Founder of, the industries leading information site on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

I work with organizations to design and implement crowdsourcing and crowdfunding models that provide new opportunities for organizations to raise funds and connect and engage with broader constituent groups in meaningful ways.

Crowdsourcing Inc. has launched the first industry crowdsourcing platform, as an industry resource offering the largest online repository of news, articles, videos and site information on the subject of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding business models.’s mission is to serve as an invaluable source of information to analysts, researchers, journalists, investors, business owners, crowdsourcing experts and participants in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platforms.

As the “go-to” resource for “Everything and Anything Crowdsourcing”,’s credentialed editorial team of crowdsourcing business leaders and industry experts, supplemented by guest blog posts from leading crowdsourcing industry figures, drives a strong and original editorial agenda. In addition community generated content ensures up to the minute posts on what’s happening in the world of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

I wanted to develop the first platform about crowdsourcing that used crowdsourcing to generate strong editorial and user generated content for the site’s readership. Central to our vision is the continued development of an authoritative platform and invaluable resource for experts, academics, business owners, and the crowd in general.

I will also be speaking at Crowdconvention in Berlin on June 15th and at Crowdfuncing and Online Sourcing on June 22nd in Amsterdam.

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