Church De Duif


De Duif exterior - Nederland, Amsterdam, 22 maart 2006 De Duif, kerk uit 1857 aan de Prinsengracht Foto: Thomas Schlijper

In April 1857 the first stone was laid for a new church designed by the Leiden architect Th. Molkenboer. In the course of the 20th century the church became increasingly dilapidated. For more than a quarter century the building was wrapped up because the monumental façade threatened to become dislodged. There was a serious danger of stones falling from the façade, which was not an ideal situation for passers-by. Luckily today this danger is non-existent.

In 2002 the restored church was inaugurated festively. The large organ was then restored as well and completed in October 2006. Mural paintings that were discovered during the restoration were left the way they were found, in order to show the different phases of interior design De Duif had experienced.
Currently the appearance of the church, both interior and exterior, proves quite extraordinary.

During the seven-years restoration the church was provided with a 'floating' wooden floor, making the building very suitable for dance performances. De Duif can be rented daily for different events such as lectures, symposia, dinners, informal receptions and condolence services. De Duif also is a splendid wedding location. In theatre setup it hosts 400 seats, with dinners 250 persons can be accommodated, and with informal receptions even 500. On Sunday morning De Duif is still in use as a church.

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