Kom je ook? – Crowdsourcing

The programme for KJO9

16 Jun 2011

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"Outsourcing to the Crowd" Crowdsourcing is most literally, outsourcing tasks to the public that you would normally handle yourself or outsource to an external company. It's a combination of classical social collaborations with modern technological means. The best known example of crowdsourcing is of course Wikipedia, but what are the latest developments in culture, arts and heritage? And how can you move the crowd to benefit your own organization?

KJO9 offers presentations from (inter)national speakers on striking crowdsourcing projects, the do's and dont's, tips on how to mobilize the crowd an lot's of inspiration on alternative ways to collect tools and knowledge. Scroll down for a full overview of the programme.

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Twitter: @komjeook, #KJO9


<strong>Bathroom</strong> <strong>Crowd</strong> - Foto found on Flickr made by Hamburger Jung


(please note that the majority of the programme will be in Dutch)

Time Speaker Subject
09.45 registration
10:15 Willem Velthoven and chairman Riemer Knoop Opening
10:30 Lex Slaghuis Lex Slaghuis (Hack de Overheid, Apps for Amsterdam) about using open data to create a smarter and more interesting Holland.
10:50 Lonnie Stegink Were there Jews living in your street or house that did not survive WWII? The Digital Monument for the Jewish Community is an online platform for a special community where relatives, survivors, old classmates, researchers and students can add their memories, family relations, photographs and other information.
11:00 Carl Esposti The in's & out's of crowdsourcing. Carl Esposti is the founder of www.crowdsourcing.org and CEO of Everest Group. He's an expert on sourcing formulas such as crowdsourcing and outsourcing.
11.45 Roy Cremers Crowdfunding offers hope in times of desperate government cuts. Voordekunst.nl is a pioneer when it comes to crowdfunding and Roy Cremers will summarize exactly what it entails. Followed by a short presentation by Daniel Cohen on the crowdfunding success of his photography project Mijn naam is Cohen.
12:00 Showblock A series of short presentations by the workshop facilitators as an introduction to their workshops.
12:15 Lunch programme You can subscribe to one of the workshops organized by Erfgoed 2.0, Mediamatic, Voordekunst, Stroom Den Haag. In addition there will be the DOEN Pitch Lunch (for pitchers only) and the helpdesk of Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie.
14:15 Dewi Reijs *minipresentation* About the crowdfunding of Het Vergeten Woud.
14:20 Ellen Fleurbaay Ellen Fleurbaay's innovative approach of the pilot project Militieregisters helped the Amsterdam City Archive become one of the most innovative archives in the world.
14:40 Stijn van Balen Verbeterdebuurt.nl has been inspired by the British FixMyStreet. By now thousands of reports subjected by citizens have been solved. Stijn van Balen will elaborate on this easy-accessible project for ideas, improvements and complaints for citizens and the city counsel.
14:50 Alexander Veltman For years, Boomerang has successfully employed their crowd to create catchy postcards, but they also motivate the crowd to design for 'real clients'.
15:15 DOEN Pitches A parade of innovative project plans.
15:30 Tea break with ikPoll voting During this short break, you can vote for your favourite DOEN Pitch.
15:50 Announcement winners DOEN Pitch The best pitch wins a clinic by the DOEN Foundation.
15:55 Floris Kortie *minipresentation* On the crowdfunding of The Royal Concertgebouworkest meets Patrick Watson.
16:00 Lora Aroyo & Johan Oomen Aroyo and Oomen will present their inventory of crowdsourcing in GLAM’s (Galeries, Libraries, Archives and Museums).
16:20 Léon Kranenburg Crowd Embroidery! The artistduo Leon & Loes asked a group of seniors from Zuid-Holland to embroider an artwork for the theme Long live the windmills!
16:30 Lotte Belice Baltussen The video labelling game Waisda? asks its online gamers to archive moving images by adding tags. The more people that play the game on Boer zoekt vrouw or Man bijt hond, the faster it goes. Over 400.000 tags have been assigned in only a short period of time!
16:55 Willem Velthoven and Riemer Knoop Closing.
17:00 Drinks A fun wrap-up of the day with ikCams and interactive installations.

For whom?

Conservators, educators, communicators, programmers and other decision makers in heritage (incl. archives and libraries) culture (incl. music, theatre and stage arts), art institutions and students from all disciplinary trajectories.

Sinds 2008 we have offered the cultural sector a helping hand in the latest developments in cultural innovation. Kom je ook? is an initiative of Mediamatic, and is organized in collaboration with Deneuve cultural projects. Our partners are the Mondriaan Foundation, DOEN Foundation, Fonds Podiumkunsten and Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie.