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From green business to white mushroom

GRO-Holland uses coffee residue as a growth substrate for oyster mushrooms, which it sells back to the cafes that provide the coffee residue, thus inhabiting a unique niche in the distribution network.


Making the mushroom bags - After the coffee grounds are collected, they are inoculated with mushroom spores. After six to nine weeks, you can harvest your own mushrooms. This image was taken from Holland

Mushrooms are the main recyclers of nature. They take food from dead or living organisms through a network of mycelium. This way they break down organic matter, releasing nutrients. At GRO Holland, they create a substrate of mainly coffee residue and some organic ingredients and add mushroom spores to it. Coffee grounds are collected from coffee machines and transported to the nursery of GRO Holland. The coffee waste is thus re-used, resulting in food with a high nutritional value. After six weeks the first mushrooms are already visible and grow right out of the bag with substrate.

Mushrooms have long been regarded as tasty and nutritious food. Edible mushrooms are not only interesting because of their nutritional value though. They contain many substances that can work health-promoting.

About GRO Holland

GRO Holland consists of a small group of idealists, that want to contribute to a sustainable economy and intend to create green business. Reusing materials, raw materials and waste is a trend that already exists for years and that certainly has given good results. There is still much to be gained though and sometimes you look across the border - where production processes are born out of necessity - to get ideas on how to further expand this in our society.

In 2011, GRO Holland together with La Place and Vroegop-Windig, won the first Horecava Award for Sustainability.
Terra Bites, the healthy sustainable oyster croquette made by GRO Holland, was nominated for the Horecava Innovation Award 2012.

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