Project: Matthijs de Bruijne

Medium for Exchange

The project Medium for Exchange by Matthijs de Bruijne started in Copenhagen in the pavilion House in Park. This very beautiful pavilion was made out of aluminum boxes and was located in the Ostre Anlaeg. Before the start of the project an invitation card including the following words was distributed:


Medium for Exchange project by Matthijs de Bruijne - In Mediamatic Fabriek during Ruilen exhibition Aleksandra Kalashnikova

Herewith I invite you to exchange with me. I offer you the following: a unique sound-CD with self-recorded sounds from my surroundings in Amsterdam, such as trams, poems, friends, drunkenness, but also the sound of silence of an Amsterdam night. There are 150 CDs, each one with a different recording. I would like to exchange these CD's with you for an object. An item with which you can tell me something about your surroundings. An item you use in your daily life or you have found by accident, something that fascinates and asks questions. It could be that such an object is too beloved to lose forever, in that case it is also possible to exchange it temporarily.

Everyday more people came with widely varied objects; a pipe, a mug, a self made iron item, etc. As desired, a CD was taken out of the boxes and exchanged for the object they brought along. But above all they came with stories, about themselves, about the object, and about their city. During that week the pavilion became a meeting place, a place to which people returned to see how the project had developed. At the end of the week one fourth of the CD's were exchanged.