Resistance Cube

An installation that will simulate the feeling of being in Taksim square

Aim of the resistance cube is to give the feeling of being in the middle of a resistance. This installation will essentially simulate as much as possible being in in the middle of a resisting crowd. Ideally and ambitiously, it should include projections on all the walls, and sounds of everybody cheering, yelling slogans, with the sound of the police and the shooting of pepper spray, maybe some white smoke, some water? :-) Depending on technical difficulties the level of simulation might be adjusted.
This installation can be made in Mediamatic and in the future -again ambitiously- may “appear” in parks or public spaces and can travel the Netherlands, or even other countries in Europe. Different visuals from different resistances across the world might be implemented to make it a more universal resistance simulator.

*This project is at the moment on hold as currently I do not have enough time to lead this project. If anyone else likes the project and interested in investing time on it please contact me!


Projected walls -