Lauryn Mannigel


Lauryn Mannigel Sweat Sample - Smell experiment capturing armpit sweat as part of an upcoming art project which will investigate the perception of sweat as bodily communication in social settings.

Lauryn Mannigel, based in Berlin, works as an artist, curator, and researcher at the intersection of art informed by the humanities and the sciences. She received her M.A. in Contemporary Art and New Media from Universite Paris 8 (2009). 

Mannigel primarily explores non-visual modalities and experience. Currently, she is investigating the affective perception-cognition of perspiration through performative events accompanied by surveys. This started with the olfactory dating performance Love Sweat Love (2016), upon invitation and in co-production with Mediamatic. She recently presented the first research results at the interdisciplinary Human Olfaction conference (2017). In addition, Mannigel's passion for smell led her to co-found the Smell Lab (2015) and to organize the Smell Lab reading group (2015). She is currently curating the Sensory Culture Club reading group (2016-) in Berlin.

For details about Mannigel's background and current projects visit her website.


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