Soňa Borodáčová

Haeckel in glass

Mediamatic is not the only one paying homage to Ernst Haeckel's Kunsformen der Natur - The Dutch National Glass Museum have turned his work into "A Sea of Glass"


Exhibition at Leerdam - Kunstformen der Natur posters hanged at The Dutch National Glass Museum Jans Possel

Stunning works of Ernst Haeckel are getting more and more attention nowadays. The Dutch National Glass Museum at Leerdam is now hosting "A Sea of Glass" exhibition, one of the biggest projects in the history of museum.

Haeckel' s aim with Kunstformen der Natur was to connect the world of art to the world of science and to encourage artists’ search for new nature-based motives. And indeed, he had a profound influence on the early 1900s Dutch applied arts.


Glass Objects - Haeckel inspired many artists

The museum thus presents a variety of Haeckel's underwater and marine organisms transformed into artworks of glass by artists such as Andries Copier, William Bogtman and H.P. Berlage.

The exhibition also shows works by contemporary artists created in their own Glass Lab. If you visit the museum you can participate in numerous activities such as workshop called Cooking with Jellyfish in Cochius’ Keuken, the Glasmuseum's restaurant or sign up for Artists’ Talks, scientific illustration workshops, design contests, or you can even blow your own sea creatures out of glass at the Glasblazerij.