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06-09-2014 Kunstformen Der Natur - t-shirts Remixed Version

During Kunstformen Der Natur, people were able to shop the t-shirts Ernst Haeckel designed.

More than a century ago, biologist Ernst Haeckel scored a hit with his amazing illustrations of unseen organisms. We collected all 100 lithographs and blew them up to 5 times life size for our exhibition. Until 23rd of November you had a chance to see the originals next to their hallucinating blow-ups and the works of Dutch architect H.P. Berlage, design studio Bernotat &Co and graphic designers Rudy Guedj, Martin Huger, Olya Troitskaya and Sophie Rogg who got inspired by the secret beauty of nature.

The Mediamatic Team dressed in Kunstformen Der Natur-Remixed. We are a huge band with only one Bass player.