Mediamatic 2001

The first Mediamatic Magazine Off-Line appears salons are held, and the Workshop, already given two years in a row, gets one last sequel. These events take place in the Society Baby, Baby Gallery, Mediamatic Supermarket, and one time in collaboration with the IDFA in De Balie.

First Mediamatic Off-Line

On February the 11th, 2001 the first edition of Mediamatic Off-Line Magazine is being presented: the CD-ROM Annunciation by Cesare Davolio combined with articles. This first edition is about the Italian politician Aldo Moro. Mediamatic Off-Line was a project that consisted of an irregular series of CD and DVD, selected by the editors of Mediamatic Magazine. Including Cesar Davolio, Michael Murtaugh and PIPS: lab.


Front Page Mediamatic Offline VOL. 10#2 -


Screen shot Annunciation - 11 februari 2001: Feestelijke presentatie van de eerste editie van Mediamatic Off-Line met de CD-ROM Annunciation van Cesare Davolio. Mediamatic Off-Line was een serie onregelmatig verschijnende CD- en DVD-projecten, geselecteerd dor de redactie van Mediamatic Magazine. Met verder Cesar Davolio, Michael Murtaugh en PIPS:Lab.

Design of kindness

April 1, 2001: At the Hochschule der Künste in Berlin this winter a group of designers work on to shape friendliness. They develop projects for mobile multimedia that sometimes are not e-commerce or m-commerce but primarily serve as a social, emotional or cultural purpose. On Sunday, April the 1st, the group give short presentations in the form of sketches, scenarios and prototypes during the Mediamatic Salon at Society Baby.


Kim Cascone at Symposium Reality Engineering and the Computer - 31 augustus t/m 2 september 2001: Symposium dat een blik biedt op het verleden en de toekomst van de inrichting van de werkelijkheid met behulp van de computer.

With: Kim Cascone


Ontwerpen van vriendelijkheid tijdens Mediamatic Salon - 1 april 2001 Jans Possel

Via Milano

Instead of the usual presentation during the Mediamatic Villa all revolves around the exhibition Via Milano - New Dutch Design. The in 2001 initiated Via Milano - New Dutch Design is a foundation that provides a powerful platform to bring Dutch design to the attention of a large audience. Also this foundation is an active intermediary to link Dutch designers and business people.


Via Milano - New Dutch Design - 6 mei 2001, Societeit Baby Jans Possel

Behavior Designs

May and June 2001: Mediamatic again organising a series of workshops marked by Behaviour Design. Mediamatic workshops Designing Behaviour are about interactivity, the most culturally significant feature of new media. Things that are being offered: multiplayer games, new educational projects, emergent behaviour in complex systems, gaming behaviour from a biological point of view.


'Spelers & Regels' workshop folder achterkant - Mei en juni 2001: Mediamatic organiseerde wederom een serie van workshops in het teken van 'Gedrag Ontwerpen'. De Mediamatic workshops 'Gedrag Ontwerpen' gaan over interactiviteit, de cultureel meest wezenlijke eigenschap van de nieuwe media. Enkele gebieden die in de workshop betrokken werden: multiplayergames, nieuwe educatieve projecten, emergent gedrag in complexe systemen, spelgedrag vanuit biologisch oogpunt. Mei en juni 2001: Mediamatic organiseert een serie van workshops in het teken…

Contortion Mutual Design Project

During the Mediamatic Salon Jelica Cicic presents on July the 1st its Contortion Mutual Design Project: fashion for the contortionist as an ode to 2001, the year Snake. A performance by one contorsionist, 10 models and 1 deejay.


performance contorsionist - Contortion Mutual Design Project van Jelica Cicic. 1 juli 2001, Societeit Baby.

Reality Engineering and the Computer Symposium

August the 31st till September the 2nd, 2001: Mediamatic organises the Symposium Reality Engineering and the Computer in Felix Meritis which offers a look at the past and the future of the organisation of reality by using the computer. Various aspects of the challenging interplay between fantasy and reality will be highlighted for three days, with a particular emphasis on the role of computers and computer networks. Every day has its own theme: Net, Trip and Sound.


Uitnodiging voor de MediamaticSalon op 1 april 2001 -

Eureka Salon

During the Salon on September the 2nd different speakers describe their Eureka! moment. Mai Ueda does her laptop performance.


Lap-top performance van Mai Ueda - Societeit Baby, 2 september 2001 Jans Possel

With: Mai Ueda

Gamelan Players at Mediamatic Salon

On November the 4th brings Semara Jaya during the Mediamatic Salon the sounds of the Far East to the former sailor school, in which Mediamatic was housed. The warm, dreamy court music of the three inspired gamelan players, dressed in full regalia, their input shaft, and the smell of kretek we imagined all of us here in Bali ...


gamelanspelers tijdens Mediamatic Salon - project van Semara Jaya, 4 november 2001 Jans Possel

IDFA Salon

November the 29th, 2001: At IDFA 2001 Mediamatic organises salon. With presentations by Mathilde ter Heijne, Dieter Grasbon and some 12 documentary makers, including Hartmut Bitomsky, Heinz Emighloz, Rob Schröder and Roel van Dalen.


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