Mediamatic 1989

In 1989 three new Mediamatic Magazines come out.

Paul Virilio describes in volume 3#3 in La Conduite Inférieure the history of the infrastructure of information transfer via a vehicle/machine to information that is being displaced by becoming increasingly invisible machinery:

In the past, the size of every technical object Gradually diminished, but this happened over long periods of time. Today, the wish to make space and to make parts lighter, leads to an accelerated depression of forms and volumes.


Mediamatic Magazine Vol. 3#3 -

In the summer of 1989 a new edition of MM magazine appeared in which media archeology is described and critically the museum as a space for the storage of objects (science, technology and art) is being explored.


Front Page Mediamatic Magazine VOL. 3#4 (en) -

The third edition, published this year is a special edition dedicated to monsters and mythical beings: Satan, mermaids, hybrids, prosthetics, bats and aliens.


Front Page Mediamatic Magazine VOL4 #1&2 1989 - Design by Willem Velthoven , drawing by Berend Strik Willem Velthoven, Berend Strik