Mediamatic 1984

The second year of Mediamatic is dedicated to video art. Several events are organised in collaboration with Artotheek Groningen in the "Faun" in Groningen.

On April the 5th, an evening of video art took place in the Faun in collaboration with Artotheek Groningen, where the work of Lydia Schouten and Rose Theuws is shown.


Poster for a video art presentation 1984 - Poster for a video art presentation evening in Artotheek Art Centre Groningen. Thursday april 5 1984, 21:00 Artists Lydia Schouten, Roos Theuws. Design: Ontwerp Velthoven (Willem Velthoven). The posters were silk screen printed in yellow and dark blue on 102x72cm coated stock and and illegally sign posted through the city of Groningen by the organizing members of Mediamatic: Jan Wijle, Willem Velthoven, Frits Maats, Barbara Pyle, Marieken Verheyen. Willem Mulder. Willem Velthoven

On the 11th and 17th of November Art Video/Music takes place in two nights at the Faun in Groningen, where video works, video installations and music can be seen. With works by Paul Dougherty, Michael Morris and Vincent Trasov, Jaap Drupsteen, Frits Maats and Barbara Pyle.


Poster Kunstvideo/Muziek - 1984 Twee avonden met videowerken, videoinstallaties en muziek in de Artotheek Groningen, georganiseerd door Mediamatic op donderdag 11 en zaterdag 17 november 1984. Willem Velthoven

On December the 6th an evening 1000 Mörder, 1000 Küsse takes place at the Faun in Groningen, where two video works are shown with the theme of the murder and the kiss.


Poster 1000 Mörder, 1000 Küsse - Avond met twee videowerken over de moord en de kus. Georganiseerd door Mediamatic in Artotheek Groningen, 6 december 1984. Willem Velthoven