De Faun

Artotheek Groningen, july 1985 - july 1986

Mediamatic had from 1985 to 1987 a place in the Artotheek, the then municipal library, in the building the "Faun" at the Zuiderdiep.


De Faun -

The building the Faun: Commissioned by the insurance company "De Utrecht" architect A.R. Wittop King designed in 1935 a new building, which besides an office also included a café-restaurant, storage rooms and a bicycle storage. [2] It was build with an H-shaped plan, with on the Herenstraat side an arcade, where café Faun was located. The Groningen city sculptor Willem Valk decorated the building with various mythological ornaments, partly referring to the name and partly to the work of "the Utrecht".

Next to the cafe at the Zuiderdiep sat in the 80's the Artotheek. In the basement of the BKR, paintings were kept. And there Mediamatic had a desk from 1985 to 1987.

Contact information

  • De Faun
  • Zuiderdiep 35
  • 9711 HJ
  • Groningen
  • NL