Astarbe: Mendiola Natural Cider

Apples 100% native of the Basque Country.
Refreshing and fruity.
6.5% Vol 75 cl.
Enjoy chilled at Mediamatic Eten.


Mendiola Natural Cider by Astarbe - Best served chilled! Try it now at Mediamatic Eten. Astarbe: Mendiola Natural Cider

With five centuries of tradition, sidrería
Astarbe is one of the oldest cider houses in Gipuzkoa, with its first historical document dating back to May 20, 1563. Since then, its owners, generation after generation, have dedicated themselves to making cider and apple cultivation.

Interestingly, Mendiola's heir was a female seven times, and so in these 450 years of history the name of its owners has changed many times.

For over a decade, the Astarbe family has been modernising, innovating, exploring and investing in their own products, without losing the essence of tradition, to provide added value and a differential to the Astarbe cider house.

The main activity of Astarbe is making apple cider. This means that their main concern is producing quality apples. Two varieties of apple are even currently listed as Mendiola and Astarbe.

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  • Astarbe: Mendiola Natural Cider
  • Camino de Txoritokieta 13
  • 20115
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