Peter Rukavina


My House in Charlottetown -

I am a Canadian writer, designer, programmer and broadcaster.

I operate a tiny company called Reinvented ( that makes websites, engines for websites, and other digital tomfoolery. We spend most of our time working with The Old Farmer's Almanac ( and Yankee Magazine (

I work part of the time as the "User Advocate" for Plazes ( writing, advocating, and helping third-party developers cook up crazy new Plaze-o-ramic tools. My interest in Plazes extends from my interest in geopresence, geolocation, GIS, and mapping. I'm curious about overlaying geographic with an "ambient data fog." I'm not sure why.

On my weblog ( I write about technology, design, politics, and local goings-on. I write it mostly to keep myself from going insane.

I am equally enamored of and skeptical about technology and "new media" and take many of my philosophical cues from Neil Postman: reading his Teaching as a Subversive Activity 25 years ago was a seminal moment for me.