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Conceptual Designer. Maker. Design Researcher.


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My name is Zuzana and I am a designer with multidisciplinary and experimental approach combining strong research, analysis and making skills. I often tend to develop speculative design concepts that aim to spark innovation but also question the role of the concept and its perception by society.

My background is Fashion and Textile Design and the heritage from this stage of my professional development is still represented in the methodology I use and my strong interest in materials, tactility and styling. I have several years of experience in working for high end fashion brands as a designer and styling consultant.

During the Master's degree studies at MA Textile Futures in London I developed a concept for a biological printer called Feeder. This device assists and controls the growth of a material called Bacterial Cellulose - natural polymer produced by a bacteria.
Essentially, it aims to work as a biological 3d printer, but instead of printing, it feeds the material with the nutrient which stimulates the growth upwards.

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