Kirsten Jaarsma


Kirsten Jaarsma - Chairman of the Anosmia Association, The Netherlands. (Found here ).

Having lost her own sense of smell, Kirsten Jaarsma is now President of the Anosmia Association of The Netherlands.

Kirsten Jaarsma is the current President of the Anosmia Association of The Netherlands (Anosmie Vereniging Nederland).

Anosmia is the total loss of the sense of smell, and is still a relatively unknown affliction. As such, the association aims to raise awareness of the condition by giving public lectures, as well as establish medical contacts in order to help advance research into it.

She is also the leader of alternative political party 'Voice of Krimpen' (Stem van Krimpen).

Contact information

  • Kirsten Jaarsma
  • Ugchelseweg 42
  • 7339 CK
  • Ugchelen
  • NL