Mediamatic Eten

Foodlab and plantbased restaurant

Mediamatic ETEN is the restaurant of art centre Mediamatic,that focuses on new developments in art, science and biology.

The experiment and creativity of our art projects always reflect in our kitchen (or Food Lab, as we call it). We grow our own herbs and edible flowers in the greenhouse, we experiment with preservation techniques like fermenting and drying, and create artistic dinner experiences that tickle the senses from taste to touch.

The food we serve is 100% plant-based, and composed with locally sourced produce and seasonal vegetables. The drinks at our restaurant include wild wines, botanical cocktails and locally crafted beer.

Our food-projects change regularly, depending on the current experiments of the chefs and artists. To see what we are currently serving, please have a look at our restaurant website page



Edible flowers, salad and onion sauce - Course 2 - Picking Elizabeth Vasilyeva

With: Jans Possel

Contact information

  • Mediamatic Eten
  • Dijkspark 6
  • 1019 BS
  • Amsterdam
  • NL