Offline ‘check in’ for Facebook Places

Check in without a smart phone or tablet

Mediamatic Lab introduces the physical ‘check in’ for Facebook Places. With Facebook Places, you can ‘check in’ at a location, just like you would with the Foursquare app, for example. When visitors check in at a location, their friends immediately see where they are on Facebook.

Until now, you could only check in via mobile apps. With the physical ‘check in,’ you no longer need a smart phone or tablet for this, and it is also much faster, and easier.


Off line ‘check in’ for Facebook Places - Minke checking in to Mediamatic HQ Mar-Ina Uhrig

The physical (offline) ‘Check In’ consists of an RFID reader, which may be custom designed. To check in, users scan an RFID tag such as the OV chip card, OBA library card, or Mediamatic's ikTag. IkTags are relatively cheap and can have any desired design.

At present, the physical 'Check In' can be found at the Mediamatic HQ and at the exhibition Pièce de Resistance at Mediamatic BANK. Soon, it will also be present at the symposium Kom je ook? - Crowdsourcing.

The offline 'Check In' works with the physical “I like it” button and other interactive installations by Mediamatic. Users register their tag or chip at an ikCam, which connects it to Facebook.

The installations are a fun and effective means for events and organisations to become more visible through social media.

For more information contact Willem Velthoven: willem [at] (+31 6 8115 0608) or Freyja van den Boom from Mediamatic Lab: freyja [at] (+31 20 6389901).