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ikTag Amsterdam Museum - Een van de ikTags die bij de vrijwilligersbijeenkomst op 7 juni in het Amsterdam Museum werden uitgedeeld. Nienke Fonk

What is an ikTag?

Like the OV chip card and OBA library pass, the ikTag contains an RFID chip. This chip is linked to your selected online profiles. You can use the ikTag to activate and play with all of Mediamatic’s interactive installations. But you can also use it to make payments.

What can you do with it?

You can post your activities, pictures and things you like in the real world directly on your profile. For example:

ikCam pictures

Scanning your ikTag on the monitor of the ikCam will activate the camera to take a picture. This picture will appear on your profile. When several people scan their ikTags and take a picture together, they automatically become connected on the social network.

Physical "I like it" button

When you connect your ikTag to your Facebook profile at one of the ikCams, you turn your tag into a physical "I like it" button. Scan your ikTag in front of the Facebook thumbs up belonging to the installation, presentation, or program segment that you 'like.' A notice will appear on your wall.

Interactive installations

You can use your ikTag to activate and play with all of Mediamatic's installations. The ikPoll for example, or the iTea and the ikWin. Scan your ikTag in front of the indicated area. The rest speaks for itself.

You can use the same ikTag at different events, so keep it with you at all times!