No More Mondays

Own the block!

Using RFID to be the master of the area you've been.

Remembering the two-player games of Tony Hawks pro skater on the PS1, where you could color a piece of the skatepark you've done the coolest trick on, and giving it your color by doing so, it seemed a cool idea to "own" that part of the Westergas area where you've been the most. The area would be displayed on a large screen and parts of it would be colored a specific color, belonging to the person that visited the particular reader the most.
The result would be a colourful area, colored by all sorts of visitors..
Maybe you could even light up the area itself..
A kind of "Billy Jean"-videoclip way..


billy.jpg -

Maybe colors could mix..people would be connected to eachother..
Assignments given to give a certain part of the area a specific color combination..