1 Jan 2003

Mathilde ter Heijne

Linking fiction and documentary material
to fragile narration.

The Strasburg-born artist guides us through a world full of conflict, unrest and violence us in her videos, installations and cdroms.

They are playful and chockful of a merciless reality at the same time.

Ter Heijne links fiction and documentary material to fragile narration. She uses this in order to involve the observer in equally unstable realities. Art in this case offers the necessary everyday distance which enables her to enforce the confrontation.

Mathilde ter Heijne succeeds in raising our awareness of the vulnerability of a human life in a surprising and touching way through clicking a button..

Her works may be classified somewhere between experimental sculptures and installations, where the artist uses different sorts of media such as music,
noise, video, motion, smell etcetera.
In many cases these installations create spaces which are accessible and have a fysical influence on the spectators .

She also works on animated videos and experimental TV-programs.

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