Amsterdam Area Open CI

An open infrastructure for the creative industry in seven cities

Although the Amsterdam Area has a large creative industry, it is, alas, not very transparent. This means that many creative entrepreneurs in the region are missing valuable opportunities. To improve that situation, the CCAA and Mediamatic launched the online project, Open Creative Industry (Open CI).


Logo Open CI -

Open CI is based on open Internet standards that enable data exchange between websites. The purpose of the project is to enhance the visibility of all related people, organisations and projects. The CCAA portal will thereby give users access to all the data (content) in a wide range of online communities in the creative sector. Some of the communities, alongside CCAA, are Mediamatic, Make Love Not Art, Pakhuis De Zwijger and Museum de Paviljoens. A number of other networks will also be linked to the project in the future. Anyone with an interest in joining the community can sign up via info(at)

CCAA, the index for the creative industry
Open CI Search is the first component that was launched in June 2008. As the name suggests, this is a search engine that indexes and enables searches of the creative sector. The search engine searches all pages that are accessible to the public. Open CI Search is an extra service that CCAA offers visitors to the website. Visitors can search the CCAA portal or all the creative communities in Open CI. The use of Open CI will make the CCAA portal the index par excellence for the creative industry in the Northern Netherlands clustered together under the name, Noordvleugel.

To run a search with Open CI, simply go to or use the search box at the top of this website by clicking on openci search.

More information on Open CI:

  • Interview - The Hackers Campat at PICNIC and the launch of Open-CI - Interview with Willem Velthoven of Mediamatic
  • White Paper Open CI - Open CI is a new standard that enables social networks to work together seamlessly. By enabling interoperability Open CI removes the waste of time and closedness currently inherent in social networking. Any party interested in implementing this standard can do so with relative ease using existing technologies and the guidelines provided by Open CI. Lees verder (english)
  • Open CI blog - Open CI allows people to declare relationships and create works across different services. Such services work together as equal partners in a federation based on open protocols and formats. This blog is the main point of entry for the effort to discuss, develop and document the protocols, formats and software enabling a federation of social networks. Open CI blog