Martine Albitrouw-Segijn

Artist, Open Aroma Lab for Kids


Martine Albitrouw-Segijn -

Martine has a great interest, great love for odours, smells form nature, anything smelly
that appeals to her.

She is helping run Open Aroma Lab for Kids.

It all started off with Aromatherapy quite some years ago, and I now use it for cosmetics and anything that improves my mood and ‘home’.
At first it had to be all natural, but in trying to make my own perfumes I discovered really nice synthetic Aroma Chemicals. Chemicals that can blend natural molecules into even more pleasant smells.

In daily life I’m a cook.
Through tithe Open Aroma Labs I attended,the Idea popped up to start one for kids
March of 2019 I visited Scent Summit which lead me to discover the collaboration of Mediamatic and Institute for Art and Olfaction.
I am busy to get to know the scent library with all the Aroma Chemicals at the lab well, and work out some ideas and combinations of scent.

Martine Albitrouw-Segijn

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