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A project in 2008 - 2010

Travel to the cultural NOW with our DIY–Travel Network for the Arts. Planning a trip? This site is a network of people interested in the Arts who would love to give visitors an introduction to their local cultural scene. They want to be your Guide.

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Lima - By Jans Possel Jans Possel

Discover the city's cultural underground.

Find out more about the underground culture in cities all over the world. This website contains contributions from local guides: people who live and breathe their city. You can search for guides and their contributions in Guides or Cities.

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Would you like to contribute to the website? Sign up to share your travel stories, your favorite artists, organizations and events with others. Let them know what's really going on in your city.

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Want to get in touch with a guide and start planning your trip? Sign up and go to Guides to find the guide you're looking for. Once you've found one, click on the blue 'Be my guide' button on the guide's page. They are eager to show you around!

Mediamatic Travel is a collaboration between Mediamatic and Partizan Publik.