Masa Hilcisin

That's a wrap in Prague

Prague is the right place for movie-buffs and theatre-junkies. With all of the underground performing arts and indie films running constantly in the city, my experience has been that boredom is not an option here.


Masa Hilcisin -

Meet me, Masa Hilcisin. Being a film buff, I'll introduce you to cinema at Cinema Svetozor and finding out what the latest is in art films and then have a bite to eat and some drinks after in their very chill café. I have some great ideas and recommendations that are sure to make your time in Prague entertaining.

The best way to start your journey is to meet me at my work: Taskovski Films. Prague is the satellite office of this film house based in London. They specialize in independent films and work hard to welcome innovative, playful and risky forms of filmmaking capable of engaging and surprising audiences. They have made quite a name for themselves in the independent film circuit thanks to the leadership of it's founder, Irena Taskovski. If you are lucky, Irena may be in town and you could have the chance to have a coffee and a chat with her about what it's like to be a growing fish in the big pond of arty cinema.

Then we'll move on to Gallery Langhans situated in Langhans Palace; a newly rebuilt neo-renaissance house that has been dedicated to photography since 1880. The gallery is considered to be one of the most influential photography venues in Prague. Besides the striking photography lining the walls, the interior of this former palace is equally mesmerising. Beware of the library - the view from it is spectacular and the vast number of photography titles with a quick glance in any one of the books can cause an afternoon to disappear very quickly.

Laterna Magika incorporates film projection and live-stage medias such as dance, sound, pantomime, black theatre, etc. They are in constant search for new ways to narrate a story by using different themes and incorporating innovative medias as well. Along with my funny and art-seeking friend Nenad Djordjickovic, check out the latest in new media performance this venue has to offer. Afterwards, get a dose of a real Czech pub, U Rudolfina . Loud, filled with rabble-rousers, dark wooden benches and pilsner fresh from the tank. If you opt to try one of their traditional Czech meals, you've got a great start to a night. From here, who knows where the two of you will end up.

Of course, not all the theatres are the same. The intense darkness of black theatre is quite a different experience incorporating dance, music and exploration amidst a very dark, strategically lit performance space. In the black theatre of Divadlo Image, you can awake your imagination while attempting to figure out where the next actor will be emerging from the inky blackness surrounding you in this strange setting. Take it easy for the rest of the night at Salmovska Literarni Kavarna, a great jazz and coffee bar.

If you have more time, i'll introduce you to Myassa Kerard who works in the film industry in Prague. Chances are, she will get you tapped into more of the independent and art film scene of this corner of Europe. Meet her for a drink and possibly a Vaudeville-style show at the Karvana Y located in the Ypsilon Theatre. This theatre is known for having a special kind of humor that uses song and lyric to play with their audience. After seeing if there is anything on the playlist for that night, Myassa will propose some ideas for where to catch a good underground flick this evening.

And what about a coffee with local film director and actor, Filip Remunda. He is happy to tell you all about how he pulled off documenting the creation of an ad campaign for a super store that didn't exist. This campaign led to the the largest consumer hoax the Czech Republic has ever seen which became the subject of his best-known film, Czech Dream. Relax, have a laugh with this up-and-coming director, and then make your way back to the airport.

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