New Order Fest Day 1: Ignite Amsterdam 11

Thirteen 5-minute presentations

27 okt 2011

From photographing Sweet Crazies on the streets of Ethiopia, to digital organisms based on fungi. Expect possible future scenarios for a post-carbon world alongside traditional craftsmanship. Ignite Amsterdam 11 is the first day of a 3-day event on society, art, and energy. Don't forget to RSVP to let us know you're coming.


Jaron Beekes bij New Order Fest Day 1 - Jaron Beekes presenteert De lens van Spinoza bij Ignite Amsterdam 11 / New Order Fest dag 1. Jaron Beekes presenteert De lens van Spinoza Jaron Beekes presenteert De lens van Spinoza Margarita Osipian


Ignite is run by locals, for locals. It is fast-paced and merciless, but most of all they're fun, thought-provoking nights, full of fresh ideas and clever insights. Speakers get five minutes to present their idea. They make use of twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. Ignite serves as a platform for locals to connect offline and have a drink together. All presentations will be given in English.


Chris Lee

Chris has been working on projects concerning issues of currencies: research projects, publications and workshops - exploring the spectrum of exchange systems and power relations in our society. He finds the issue of money and currency to be crucial to a deep understanding of governance and engagement with whatever political order you find yourself in.

Frank van de Goot

As a forensic pathologist, Frank knows all about things that kill. He will be leading us into the world of poisonous mushrooms.

Emre Huner

Emre's work deals with man's relationship with architecture and nature. Originally from Istanbul, he is currently a Rijksakademie resident.


I have completed the construction of my Burrow and it seems to be succesful - ceramic, steel, paint , 68 x 88 x 162 cm. Picture found on Emre Huner's website.

Rory Hyde & Katja Novitskova: New Order

Rory and Katja are the curators of New Order, an event series and exhibition to take place at Mediamatic over the next few months. Katja and Rory are going to talk about how our lives are an endless stream of energy translation.

Tim Ayres

Born in the UK, Tim was a Rijksakademie resident in the late 80s, early 90s, and has stuck around Amsterdam ever since. He'll be showing us his most recent work.

Jan Koen Lomans

We live in an interesting time when we look at the new possibilities in craftsmanship. Computer controlled revolutions are taking over in every sector. As a visual artist Jan Koen is interested in these new techniques and at the same time in the old crafts. In his work he seeks to combine them to create and use the best of both worlds.


Jan Koen Lomans, Melting Fabrics - ZT, Geestlandserie, 2011-melted polyesterfabric Jan Koen Lomans

Vincent Schipper

In case you haven't heard, or still don't know what it means, Vincent will bring you up to date on the Internet of Things. Vincent is an editor over at Volume, magazine for architecture and design.

Jeroen Braspenning (EDHV)

Interactive Fungus is a digital organism that is released in a physical space. The organism is trained to respond to light areas in the environment. Jeroen was one of the people behind this fungi-inspired project.

Lynne Leegte

Combining proper craftsmanship with sustainable materials, Lynne breathes life into apparently ordinary objects. She'll talk about two upcoming shows.


Still life - c-print, 23,5 x 27,5 cm. Picture found on Lynne's website. Lynne Leegte

Mathijs Stegink

Sometimes the best materials are those which exist in abundance. Mathijs will tell us all about the wonderful world of cardboard robots, cardboard pixels and cardboard battles.


Cardboard robots - Cardboard robot battle by the Cardboarders at New Order Fest Day 1 / Ignite Amsterdam 11. Cardboard robot battle at New Order Fest Day 1 Margarita Osipian

Jaron Beekes

Oog & Blik just recently published Jaron's graphic novel about Dutch philosopher Spinoza. Find out more about De lens van Spinoza tonight.

Ties van de Werff

It's almost impossible to find untouched nature. At the same time our technological environment is so complex that we experience it as a nature in itself. With our desire to put nature to our own use, we cause another nature, which is as dangerous and unpredictable as ever. Ties will tell us about his fascination: Next Nature.

Jan Hoek

People go crazy all around the world. In Ethiopia, however, and in particular in Addis Ababa, Jan was struck by the extravagance and dignity that characterizes the local 'sweet crazies'. He lured them off the streets and into a photo studio, where their royal wear took on whole new forms.


Sweet Crazies - By Jan Hoek, image found on Glamcult Jan Hoek

More information

Doors open at 8pm, the first speaker kicks off at 8.30pm. Location: Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68 Amsterdam. Tickets €2.- excl. membership. If you don't have a membership card yet, you can purchase one at the door for €5,-. It's valid until December 1st, 2011.

Pay attention! If you RSVP'ed for the last Ignite Amsterdam (number 10) there's a membership waiting for you at the door.

New Order

Ignite Amsterdam 11 is part of New Order Fest, a 3-day event exploring scenarios and consequences of a post-carbon future. Day 2 will tease out the relationships between art and energy. Day 3 will be preceded by a workshop during which designers, architects and artists will brainstorm about possible future scenarios of a world governed by energy. In the evening these results will be presented to the audience. Find out more at