Hybrid - living in paradox

ars electronica

1 sep 2005
6 sep 2005

Ars Electronica 2005 will examine the implosive tendencies that digital technologies impose on the world, bringing cultures on top of each other and flouting boundaries: national, material, technological and psychological. During the festival, creations and creatures will be presented that have emerged from the three basic codes: numeric, genetic and atomic.

Digital media art itself is a hybrid born from the connection of art and technology, accumulating diverse modes of expression and demanding a unique crossover of expertise and knowledge.

The four main focus points of ars electronica 2005 will be
The Drivers and Patterns of Hybridization
Hybrid Economies and Politics
Hybrid Cultures and Identities
Hybrid Creatures and Ecologies

and will be manifested in symposia and artists’ lectures, exhibitions and installations, concerts and performances, workshops and seminars, and artistic interventions in public spaces all around the city.