Mediamatic Salon

Nir Nadler, Chris O'Shea and Machinima Contest results

13 nov 2006
13 nov 2006

This salon brought you two presentations by Nir Nadler and Chris O'Shea, and the results of the Machinima Contest 2006.


Nir Nadler at Mediamatic - photo: Harry Heijink, EEA photo: Kees Keijer ( Het Parool)

Meet the presenters

Chris O'Shea (London) constructs models of interaction that borrow from Toy design and video games, to create play situations within virtual environments and in tangible devices. During the evening he presented a series of projects that begin to explore synaesthesia, the fusion of sound and visuals, through gaming devices, open source processes and interactive soundscapes. * *

Klaas Kuitenbrouwer showed the quirkiest results of the Machinima Competition that mediamatic organised with VIRMA and the Holland Animation Film Festival. Contestants had to make a machinima about a recent news event in one week only. In his presentation Klaas explored what it is that makes machinima interesting.

Nir Nadler and Chaja Hertog portrayed prototypes of cultural identities and iconic figures through variable mediums. Some of these identities are applied onto a self-published newspaper: The Monograph, where the personality Norbert Nadler plays a central role.
It is a man without character that uses all means to approach everyone. On this night Norbert traveled through the imaginary world like a chameleon taking on every identity he desires, he exists only because of the media and coincided with it.