Willem Velthoven

Andy Smith

The face of the AndyFace

Andy Smith is a Flock / Jaiku / Symbolic Table developer who has an interesting hobby. He calls himself Andy “Bad Motherfucker Smith"


Andy Smith and Tim O'Reilly - Andy Smith is doing TheSmithFace again...

Met: Andy Smith

I met him at Barcamp Amsterdam and almost the first thing he did when we met is make a face and have his friend Roland take a picture of it. When you check Flickr for the tag theandyface you'll find that Andy Smith has convinced quite a few of his friends to help him document his project.

Theandyface is a typical example of the social games that are enabled by contemporary social software. Anyone can start one and if you're not getting world famous with it, you'll still have some fun with your friends.

2 thoughts:

1: Theandyface has passed the 250 mark on Flickr. Maybe it's time Andy Smith should reconsider and democratize the project. Let's open up and switch to theSmithFace. A few batch operations in Flickr would do the job and so many more Smiths could participate than Andy Smith only!

2: I recently started using Flock, one of Andy Smith's projects, as my default browser. I love it and prefer it over any of the current offerings because it offers tight integration with Deli.cio.us. And it's the first browser to move from taxonomy to tagging for bookmark (now favorite) management. That's all cool and I'm a happy fan. I'm just wondering what the first examples of games will look like that are enabled by Flock.

I guess we'll have to invent some of our own or just follow Andy Smith closely...