Nostalgia and Chaos

6 feb 2008
10 feb 2008

Nostalgia and Chaos was an installation that showed different aspects of contemporary Argentinean cultural production.

It was also part of Mediamatic's Gastarbeider dating series.


Nostalgia and Chaos: ninia cartonera - Gastarbeider Dating series at Mediamatic

What is going on inside the cardboard box?

The Programme

Wed-Sun 4-8 p.m

Library designed by Paula Falasca. "A broken time line" (in the library you can find different Argentinean authors and books about Argentinean culture).

Wednesday 6 Feb.

- 6 pm. Documentary about the 84 years old Argentinean artist, Leon Ferrari. By: Pablo Padula.

Thursday 7 Feb.

-4 to 7 pm. Debate on post colonial art. With special guests: Tiong Ang, Rini Hurkmans and Mayura Subhedar.

Friday 8 Feb.

- 6 pm. Cooking workshop (you can learn a typical Argentinean meal, eat all together and drink some good Argentinean wine.

- 8.30 pm. Performance "Vaarwel Amsterdam" a poem by Vicente Zito Lema, performed by Lidewij Mahler and Aimee Zito Lema.
-9.30 pm. Argentinean tango: Claudio Constantini (bandoneon) and Suvi Myöhänen (violin)

Saturday 9 Feb.

- 5 pm. A lecture about the Holandaman by Matthijs de Bruijne.
(The Holandamanes are well-educated Dutch Moslems who live in Argentina.)

- 7 pm. Performance, "Vaarwel Amsterdam"

Sunday 10 Feb.

- 6 pm. film screening: "Memorias del Saqueo"(2004) a documentary by Pino Solanas.
A film that shows how Argentina in the last 30 years was victim of different devastating governments, the consequences of the economical crisis, and a growing poor social classes, in a country that was once very rich.