Paul Keller


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Paul Keller is director of Kennisland, an Amsterdam-based think tank focussing on new forms of innovation for a more open and inclusive society. Paul works with governments, cultural heritage institutions and other organisations on copyright policy, open data and open innovation strategies. On behalf of Kennisland and public cultural heritage institutions, he advocates for more flexible copyright policies that better align with the needs of an inclusive digital society.

Additionally, Paul is also a bard member of the Europeana Foundation and the architect of Europeana Licensing Framework which underpins Europeana’s open data policies. He has worked with cultural heritage institutions including the Rijksmusuem on open data policies. Paul is a founder of the COMMUNIA International Association for the Public Domain and a board member of Creative Commons. As one of the initiators of, he currently serves as co-chair of the international rights statements working group of