DIY Roboteering

Lecture by Faubel and Schreiber

9 dec 2006
9 dec 2006

Two of the most innovative DIY robot builders, Christain Faubel and Ralf Schreiber talk about their work.


Christian Faubel at Mediamatic - Lightseeker DIY Roboteering

Both Ralf and Christian have been making, and teaching people how to make, robots for years. During the lecture they talked about what inspired them to work in the field of robotics and why they wanted to put roboteering in the hands of the people.

The lecture was held in the new Mediamatic exhibition Night Garden at the groundfloor of the Post CS Building in Amsterdam, where everyone could also have dinner while enjoying the lecture.

Christian Faubel and Ralf Schreiber were at Mediamatic to give a two-day workshop on how to make robots.