Ignite Amsterdam 23

12 presentations x 5 minutes

19 dec 2012

From zen gardening to suitcase entrepreneurship, and from abstract photography to Dutch short films. This month's Ignite Amsterdam will present you with plenty of nice ideas to get you through the holiday happenings. And don't forget: you can join us and the speakers for a hot bowl of Portuguese soup (vegetarian) at 19:00. Make sure to get your tickets online, seats are limited.


Ignite Amsterdam 23 - The audience at Ignite Amsterdam 23 in the Mediamatic Fabriek. From zen gardening to suitcase entrepreneurship, and from abstract photography to Dutch short films. This month's Ignite Amsterdam 23 presented you plenty of nice ideas to get you through the holiday happenings.Find out more about Ignite here. The audience at Ignite Amsterdam 23 in the Mediamatic Fabriek. Lotte van Zuijlen


Ignite is run by locals, for locals. Fast-paced and merciless, speakers get five minutes to present, making use of twenty slides that auto-advance every fifteen seconds. All presentations are given in English.


Luuk van Laake

With a background in engineering (MIT) and liberal arts, Luuk started Digiluce in 2011. Digiluce brings together artists, technical companies, design firms, research groups and other parties to explore what art, science, and business can mean for each other.


Luke van Laake - Luke van Laak presents at Ignite Amsterdam 23 Lotte van Zuijlen

Paul Groot

Ever wonder what Windows 8, touch screens, Zabriskie Point and Bill Gates have in common? Paul did, and now he knows.

Marjolein van Pagee

Marjolein is a documentary photographer. Inspired by stories she heard from her grandfather, who was a mariner in Indonesia in the late 1940s, she started working on what would turn out to be the project Kembang Kuning - Yellow Flower. Find out how she attempted to tell her grandfather's story through her photographs.

Alexa Rodrigues

Together with João Rodrigues, Alexa organizes Shortcutz Amsterdam, a weekly showcase of new Dutch short films. Nothing older than a year, or longer than 15 minutes. Shortcutz invited the films' creators to join the audience for a Q&A, stimulating the makers to engage with their audience. The Shortcutz Amsterdam events are held at Canvas.


Alexa Rodrigues - Alexa Rodrigues speaks at Ignite Amsterdam 23. Lotte van Zuijlen

Annelein Pompe

Annelein graduated from the Rietveld Academy in 2011. She writes poetry, makes films, does performances and collages, and is on the editorial board of Literary Foundation Perdu (Amsterdam). Except a lot of ducks tonight.

Marcel Schreuder

Tonight Marcel will present JAC<, an electric powered, zero-emission scooter. JAC< easily folds up to next to nothing, can be charged in your car, and will take you anywhere within a 20 km range before needing a recharge. Curious? Join us and find out more.

Natalie Sisson

Natalie calls herself the Suitcase Entrepeneur and Chief Adventurer. She'll be speaking about how you can live and work from anywhere using just your laptop, internet and the right mindset. Who needs an office anyway? Exactly!


Natalie Sisson - Natalie speaks at Ignite Amsterdam 23 Lotte van Zuijlen

Dougal Featherstone

Dougal is a zen gardener. Through his experiences in the garden he has learnt more about how he approaches life.


Dougal Featherstone - Dougal Featherstone speaks at Ignite 23 Lotte van Zuijlen

Lesley Quist

Lesley is a graduation-year student at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. His work often explores the boundaries between reality and fiction within pop and celebrity culture. As a graphic design student his work is mostly print and video based, documenting his fascination for celebrity obsessed, modern day society.

Jan Willem Campmans

Jan Willem will be speaking about the projection mapping projects he has realized with the Light-UP collective. They've done work for for instance Oeral, ID&T and Utrecht Manifest.


Jan Willem Campans - Jan Willem Campans speaks at Ignite Amsterdam 23 Lotte van Zuijlen

Sally Fenaux, imPrint MGZN

imPrint MGZN is launching in January. One of the driving forces behind the online magazine, Sally Fenaux, is joining us tonight. Learn more about this new initiative, which aims to promote young photography in a new way.


Sally Fenaux - Sally Fenaux speaks at Ignite Amsterdam 23

Sara Kolster

Media artist and designer Sara Kolster will give us the Promised Land: a web documentary on the curious role of vacation parks in the Netherlands as a common refuge for asylum seekers, migrant workers and olympic athletes.

More information

Location: Mediamatic Fabriek, VOC-Kade 10, Amsterdam. Doors open at 18:30. We have dinner at 19:00 sharp, and the first speaker kicks off at 20:30. If you aren't joining us for dinner, aim for arriving around 20:00.

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